Requirements Driven Development

Specify, Analyze, Verify and Validate Systems

Requirements play a central role in systems and software development. Studies have shown that poor requirements management is the most common cause for systems failure.  Many projects do not use requirements management tools because of their complexity and high costs. CASE Spec is the most affordable, compact and easy-to-use scintillant requirements management tool that is currently available. It is set up as an intelligent tool to deal effectively with the complexities of system development. A thinking tool par excellence, CASE Spec simplifies the complex tasks of recording, updating, analyzing, and linking system requirements for you.

Manage any type of requirements

A system development project may include many requirement types such as hardware, software, functional, operational, interface, security requirements, and so on. With CASE Spec, the requirement types can be categorized with a hierarchical structure, and each requirement type can have the same or different properties. Users of CASE Spec can supplement requirements specification with tables, diagrams, outlines, and other objects.

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Link requirements to other requirements

Establish parent-child and bi-directional links among requirements for total traceability.

Relate Requirements to other artifacts

For effective project management and quality control, you can link requirements to other artifacts that can include Use Cases, Tasks, Bugs, Change Requests, Issues, Test Cases, and so on.

Traceability and Gap Analysis

CASE Spec includes an innovative set of traceability tools consisting of both visual and tabular tools for impact analysis and complete gap analysis.

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Control requirements change

You can track requirement change history and baseline requirements for controlling projects and incremental development.


Generate documents and reports

CASE Spec enables you to generate requirements specification documents, history reports, traceability reports and tabular analysis reports with sorting, grouping and filtering.



Other useful features of CASE Spec for requirements management include: Import/export wizards for interfacing with other tools, templates, sharing requirements across projects, and ad hoc workflow for collaboration. You can also link requirements to diagrams and documents. CASE Spec is easy to setup for local and global collaboration.