CASE Spec Benefits

The most flexible, customizable and high performance lifecycle and requirements management tool

The Most Affordable, Flexible, and Unique Enterprise Requirements Management Tool

Why should you buy CASE Spec? This multifaceted tool provides innumerable benefits and competitive advantages that no other resource can offer.

Some of the CASE Spec benefits:

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • CASE Spec is the most affordable RM/ALM enterprise solution on the market.
  • A fraction (1/10 to 1/20) of the cost of other development tools
  • Package includes a free enterprise embedded database
  • Floating licenses
  • Perpetual (non-expiring) licenses
  • Fully user-configurable
  • Virtually zero administration and configuration

Scalable & High Performance Enterprise Solution

CASE Spec is an enterprise solution that is scalable from 1 to 1000s of concurrent users and for unlimited number of projects. CASE Spec can handle terabytes (TBs) of data.

CASE Spec is a high performance multi-threaded and multi-tier application. CASE Spec is useful for small projects that contain hundreds of items to very large projects with tens of thousands of items. Unlike other lifecycle and requirements management tools, which provide slow performance for large sets of items and other artifacts, CASE Spec provides peak performance across LAN, WAN and wireless Internet connections.

Use for Any Product Development

CASE Spec is equally effective for developing software, systems, embedded systems, medical devices, apps, and more.

Integrated environment  – Simplifies your process

Your process can become immensely simplified and save you time with CASE Spec’s integrated set of tools, including automatic change management, document management, diagramming, traceability, and analysis tools.

Fully Customizable and Easy to Use

Work in accordance with your own preferences and needs


With CASE Spec, every aspect is customizable. CASE Spec enables the creation of custom views, user-defined attributes, user-defined prefix numbering, and custom link types. Custom definitions can be reused with custom templates. The user interface is also customizable and easy to use.

Use for Any Process

CASE Spec provides a generic set of tools that can be customized to fit any development approach whether it’s Waterfall, Spiral, Agile, Scrum, V-model or hybrid. It can be used for any type of systems or software development projects.


Securely exchange data with built-in encryption. A project manager may control access to CASE Spec by enabling optional active directory validation (through your centralized active directory management system). In addition, CASE Spec provides several features to secure your system: specification of password length and other parameters; auto-reset of password after a specified number of days; and a user activity log.

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